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10-Dec-2006, 14:16
Hello all

I've found that I've run out of image circle several times recently using my 150mm Apo Symmar with extreme rise and/or shift on 4x5. As I seem to be using both rise and shift a lot recently can you suggest an alternative, preferably affordable and obtainable, 150mm?

As they will inevitably arise as suggestions has anyone any views on the real comparison between the two Super Symmar 150's, the XL v the HM? On paper the image circle for the HM looks much worse, only an inch or so bigger than the Apo Symmar. Is this really the case or is the real image circle much larger? Any other comments on the comparison between the two lenses?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

David Whistance

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2006, 14:55
Well, affordable is something you have to decide. The 150 Apo Symmar L and the 150 Apo Sironar S have about the same coverage which is a good bit larger than that of the Apo Symmar. The Apao Sironar W has really vast coverage, I have never run out of coverage using it on 5x7 as well as 4x5. The HM has about the same coverage as the W and the XL a lot more. Both the HM and the XL are really large lenses for 150 and the W,while large is not as large as the other two. The W, HM and XL are all in #1 shutters and the others are in #0.

The HM, XL and W used will probably cost you the same or more than the S or L new.

Sheldon N
10-Dec-2006, 15:55
The Super Symmar HM would be a good choice. There's a used one on Ebay right now...


10-Dec-2006, 16:13
Many thanks for the responses so far. Has anyone any thoughts on where I might find a Sironar W?

David Whistance

10-Dec-2006, 16:23
Many thanks for the responses so far. Has anyone any thoughts on where I might find a Sironar W?

David Whistance


Don't forget the 150 Nikkor SW. It'll cover 8x10. :)

As for your question above, I'd highly recommend:

1. Jim at Midwest Photo http://www.mpex.com

2. Jeff at Badger Graphics http://www.badgergraphic.com


Ted Harris
10-Dec-2006, 18:35
Jim at Midwest got my 150 W forme ... took about three months for him to find one. You alsom might want to try Christoph Greiner inGermany, he often has them. Lastly hauntGermna eBay.

David A. Goldfarb
10-Dec-2006, 19:47
My "problem-solver" lens in that range is a 168mm ser. iii Dagor. It's not quite as crisp as a modern lens, but it covers 8x10" and is quite compact.

Oren Grad
10-Dec-2006, 19:48
David - if you go hunting for the Rodenstock 150 W, keep in mind that it was offered under three names: Apo-Sironar (no letter designation), Apo-Sironar-W, and Sinaron-WS. If there's any doubt about the identity of a lens being offered, find out from the seller the exact lettering around the rim of the front cell, and be sure that the lens is designated as covering 80 degrees, rather than the 72 degrees of the N and the 75 degrees of the S.

A handful turn up on eBay each year.

11-Dec-2006, 01:53
Many thanks everyone. I think I'll try to find the Apo Sironar W (or one of its siblings). I'll try Jim at Midwest and Christopher Rainer later today.

David Whistance

11-Dec-2006, 02:35
Oops - sorry I meant Greiner!

David Whistance