View Full Version : Rodenstock 120mm Imagon

Daniel Unkefer
10-Dec-2006, 09:44
Hi All,

I just won an auction in Germany for an original Rodenstock Imagon 120mm lens, with Schmactenburg focusing tube, and a Canon FD mount. My intention is to have a photo machinist make an adapter for this lens to fit my Exakta 66 MK3. The lens is new in the original box. I also have a Rodenstock 150mm Imagon cell set, which I understand will interchange with the 120 cell set, in the focusing tube. I believe adapters were available up to 6x7 format, from Rodenstock.

Is anybody out there familar with this lens? I would like to find some instructions in English, for all this stuff!

Thanks! -Dan

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2006, 10:08

Imagon's, no matter the focal length, work the same. you will find a recent detailed discussion on using the lens here http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=21599.

Be advised that all the discussion and all the litrature I have ever seen regarding Imago use refer to using it on a LF or MF camera, never on a 35mm ... interesting to see who has more info. Bob Salomon where are you?

Daniel Unkefer
10-Dec-2006, 11:03
Thanks for that, Ted.

Actually, I'm familar with the Imagons. I have the 200mm and 250 in compound shutters. I also have the 360 and 420 in barrel mount.

I'm not familar with the shorter Imagons- the 120 and the rare 150. I hope Bob Salomon can help me here. These lenses were made by Rodenstock, at the urging of Schmachtenburg, who's studio in Germany did the machining work. These lenses were available through the mid-eighties, AFAIK.

Actually Rodenstock offered adapters for Leica, Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Hassy 500/2000, Rollei SLX/8000, Mamiya RB/RZ, Pentax 645 and Mamiya 645. I want a Pentacon P6 mount for this lens:)