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Former Member 8144
10-Dec-2006, 07:10

Does anyone know if the lens unit from the older cambo wide 650 camera can be used on the newer cambo wds bodies?



Chris Gardner
10-Dec-2006, 21:08

I can almost guarantee that the older lens panels will not fit the newer DS camera. I have the DS and the lens panels are small, almost oval shaped and fit into a light trap groove.

I have never held the older wide in my hands, but I believe the lens panel is a big square. In fact my understanding is that the shift mechanism is in the lens panel unlike the DS, which has the gearing in the body. The body in the older wide is basically just a frame. Conversely the DS lenspanel is the "lesser" object, not that they aren't over priced.

Good luck,

Former Member 8144
11-Dec-2006, 02:53
Thanks Chris,
Pretty much what I expected..and yes it was due to high price of new ds lens sets that I was asking!