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10-Dec-2006, 02:40

I'm new here.

up to now my wife and I shooted with a 35mm analogic camera and slides, we scan the slides with a nikon coolscan 5000 ED and we print with the Epson R2400 or for bigger size with lambda system

A friend of mine has lent us a Gandolfi Variant level 1 with a schneider apo symmar 150/5.6, so we've started to shot with this camera.

I think that I'll post many questions in this beautiful forum.

Have a good day, ric

Peter Collins
10-Dec-2006, 04:53
Benvenuto!! Ancora, benvenuto! Sonno americano (via Canada), per' amo Italia tanto!

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2006, 08:55

Welcome and good light!

Frank Petronio
10-Dec-2006, 09:30

10-Dec-2006, 14:21
Bonjourno Ric,

Welcome to the forum... great place to hang your hat! :)


John Kasaian
10-Dec-2006, 18:11
Welcome aboard!

Ron Marshall
10-Dec-2006, 18:51
Ciao, welcome to the forum. You are in a beautiful country with many photgenic locations.

11-Dec-2006, 06:27
Ciao Riccardo
it's great to see you here!!!! ;) ...te l'avevo detto perņ che avresti dovuto cominciare prima a fotografare con il grande formato!!! :D :D :D (I'm saying that he should have been photographing with large format when I told him for the first time, i.e. a couple of years ago!)...


Tony Flora
11-Dec-2006, 07:18
Welcome Ric, you have some great work on your website.

11-Dec-2006, 10:44
I thank everybody for yours welcome. and I thank tony flora for the compliments about our (my wife and me) photos.

A special thank to Marco which induced us to try the great adventure of Large Format.

We've just started to use this system whit a camera that a friend of us has lent us.

I think this is a great opportunity in discovering the LF without being obliged to buy the camera.

see you later with a lot of questions:D


11-Dec-2006, 11:58
Ciao Ric,

welcome ! I wonder how many of us, Italian LF photographers, are contributing to this Forum. ..... and tell to these good Americans :o how good is your Caciucco Livornese (fish soup) ! ;)

Keep in touch !


11-Dec-2006, 12:20
Ciao Ric,

welcome ! I wonder how many of us, Italian LF photographers, are contributing to this Forum. ..... and tell to these good Americans :o how good is your Caciucco Livornese (fish soup) ! ;)

Keep in touch !


Ciao luca di dove sei? (Hi Luca where are you from in Italy?)

Cacciucco is a special Livornese soup fish, if some of you came in Livorno don't forget it. ric

11-Dec-2006, 22:33

I am from Vittorio Veneto (TV). A 60 km north of Venice.



12-Dec-2006, 10:18
Sono qui anch'io a Verona all'ombra di San Zeno
Here I'm in Verona in Saint Zeno shadow.

12-Dec-2006, 12:50
..... and you Daniele, shall tell them :) how good are the Tortellini of Valeggio, the Offella Perbellini (a Xmas cake that puts shame to the Milanese Panettone) and the Monte Veronese di malga dop (an Italian super cheese) ! What about meeting all of us in spring in Luzzara where our friend Paul Strand shot the photos of "Un paese" ? ..... and if we organise, how many of our American friends will join ? Just a question ;) .....

Eric Biggerstaff
12-Dec-2006, 13:11
You all are making me hungry!

My wife and I were married in Florence and very much enjoyed the weeks we spent there. If we could live anywhere other than Colorado - it would be Italy!

12-Dec-2006, 13:21
Eric and wife are enrolled for our meeting in Luzzara (see my post). We owe them one since they live Colorado (fantastic !) and they got married in Firenze. Who else ?

domenico Foschi
12-Dec-2006, 13:45
Non e' giusto!
Voi parlate di cibo Italiano come se niente fosse, ma non pensate che qui' ci sono immigranti che soffrono ogni giorno per la mancanza delle materie prime.
Benvenuto, Luca, se vieni in California, fammelo sapere, ma non dimenticarti di portare una bottiglia di Chianti a il formaggio di fossa


It;s not fair!
You guys talk about Italian food as if it was nothing and don't think that there are immigrants who suffer for the lack of genuine ingredients.
Shame on you!!

12-Dec-2006, 14:06
Ciao Domenico,

If I show up in California I will definitely take you some Pecorino di Fossa (another super Italian cheese) from Solignano and your well deserved bottle (I would say fiasco) of Chianti.

Best regards


Greg Lockrey
12-Dec-2006, 14:58
You guys are making me hungry. Remembering the times I used to go out into the beach in Castlevoltourno (lived there 8 years) and scooping up some tellini and cotso (sp?) and the wife would make a meal of it with a little tomato, olive oil, garlic and pasta. The eating in Italy is by far the best in the world. And I have been all over it too. Loved walking to the salumaria and getting some salami, procuitto, mozzerella and pannini. Castlevoltourno was in the middle of mozzerella country.