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John Kasaian
9-Dec-2006, 23:11
Being smitten with Fomapan 100 film, I've got the urge to try Foma N111 paper being as I'm a graded glossy fiber-based kind of guy. I'd be contact printing 8x10 and 5x7s (probably more with 5x7s since it is a bit wasteful to use a whole sheet for one 8x10!) Before I order a package of the stuff (apparently I've got to wait until mid-January) I thought I'd ask if anyone here has used it, your suggestions and what impressions (especially the differences between the hard' and 'soft' versions) you might have of it?

12-Dec-2006, 03:39
I'm a graded paper guy too! :-)
Foma N111 is called Fomabrom and I used it in grade 2 (normal) so no comparision with hard grade.
It is a good paper with a "neutral/cold" tendence, depends the developers you will use.
The look of the prints are old fashioned, it gives good black and separations in tones, sometimes it seems too black in low lights, but everyone of us BW printers has his personal taste.
It will worth a try, but let me suggest you a "sin" for another Foma paper paper: the FOMATONE MG FB CLASSIC N131 VC fiber
Have a small package for your contact printing session, use a warm developer and let me know your impression.

Arne Croell
12-Dec-2006, 05:27
I _THINK_ I have used it, but under a different name. There was this wonderful old-style paper made by Orwo in the GDR, named Baryt-Brillant. It came in 3 grades, W (soft), N (normal), and H (hard). Normal glossy was coded as BBN 111. After the GDR disappeared, the paper's remaining stock was sold off. Later (late 1990's), the company Wephota in Germany came out with a paper with the same name and coding, saying it was made in one of the former Eastern Block states by a company that had worked closely with Orwo. It is still sold by them. It was not the same (different base, for one), but a good approximation. Later Fotoimpex in Germany (now together with JandC) sold the Foma paper with the same claim, so I assume these 2 might be the same or similar (although the old Orwo paper was supposed to be chlorobromide, not bromide).

I have used only grade N, it is quite responsive to different developers and development time. Regular grade N in Zone VI developer for 3 minutes was more contrasty than Kodaks Polymax FA with a 2.5 Filter in the same developer. As indicated above, the shadows can be strong. I certainly have a soft spot for this paper. Give it a try.

John Kasaian
12-Dec-2006, 15:30
Thanks Arne and Daniele. I intend on ordering a package just as soon as J and C finishes their move to larger quarters.