View Full Version : Teapot Rock (Fantasy Canyon) is Gone

Eric Leppanen
9-Dec-2006, 23:06
FYI for those of you thinking about visiting Fantasy Canyon (near Vernal, Utah): Teapot Rock (made famous by Michael Fatali's moonshot http://www.fatali.com/gallery/notes.php?id=75&gid=5&) is gone. I heard about this from a backnote in my latest Photographing America newsletter. Here is the notice posted on the BLM web site:


I had photographed the rock early this year, and had hoped to do so again. Fantasy Canyon remains an interesting place to visit, but the rock was its signature formation and will be really missed. How sad...

10-Dec-2006, 09:15
What a shame. At least, like NH's Old Man of the Mountain, it was well photographed and will live in our memories that way.

Adam Kavalunas
10-Dec-2006, 09:17
It was a sad day for me when i first learned of this. I went to fantasy apparently right after it happened because when i walked around the little side wash that housed the teapot, to my horror it was gone. Such a long drive for such a big dissapointment. I was one of the lucky ones though, i managed to get a great shot of it last fall after many many trips trying to get the right light. Unfortunately i just started shooting LF this summer, so i never got a chance to get it on big film, oh well, i'll just print it small. Here's my shot, sure it looks a lot like fatali's (minus the fake moon), but i dont care, its mine, and i put in a lot of effort to get it right!!:)

10-Dec-2006, 10:19
Sad. Anyone know what happened? Here is my obligatory shot , done on 35 mm film.

Andrew O'Neill
10-Dec-2006, 12:02
hate it when this happens! It's happened to me, too.
It's also like when you photograph a cool old building years and you go back one day to photograph it only to find that it met up with the wrecking ball.
It's strange how the whole thing would come down...one would think that only the little bit on the right would just drop off...