View Full Version : Summer and winter temperatures

9-Dec-2006, 21:46
With the temperature the way it is currently and yesterday in the mid 40's I've decided to have a summer and winter set of temperatures for processing film.

I've settles on 20 for winter and 24 for summer as they seem the easiest to maintain.

Apart from the obvious softer emulsion at the higher temperature I haven't noticed any real image differences.

Is anyone doing similar and if so what are your observations?


John Kasaian
9-Dec-2006, 22:04
All my working solutions and distilled water is in amber flint glass jugs sitting on shelf in the service porch, so everything is the same temperature. Whatever temperature my thermometer tells me it is is the temperture I go by. I think if I had to add hot or cold water to hit a 'target' temerature I'd go buggy. Of course I only do B&W so maybe I'm already buggy and I don't know it ;)

Ron Marshall
10-Dec-2006, 01:26
I keep a list of development times for the range of temps I experience and don't bother to adjust temp.

Jim Jones
10-Dec-2006, 05:12
I'm with John and Ron. Don't forget to keep film tanks at the same temperature, too. I also store film wash water at darkroom temperature, and try to keep that temperature at a practical level.

10-Dec-2006, 06:08
Summer is for C41, winter is for D76.