View Full Version : How to store my camera

4-May-2000, 18:58
Am I doing my 8x10 bellows any damage by keeping my camera set up on the tripod here in the office? The bellows are drawn about 12". The camera never fails to s tart a conversation from visitors, but I'm wondering if the bellows are served i f kept folded when not in use.

Thanks in advance - Bill

Doug Paramore
4-May-2000, 20:28
Bill: The old studio cameras used to stay extended for years with no unusual problems. I would keep it dusted and maybe put a little something on it once in a while to keep it from drying out. Actually, leaving it extended will probably keep the pleats from sticking together and it will certainly be less wear on the corners of the pleats. You will probably get a dozen answers saying I am wrong, but I know that we didn't close the cameras up at night or on weekends. Good Shooting. Doug.