View Full Version : Fungus in 8 1/2 inch Commercial Ektar rear cell

Simon Benton
9-Dec-2006, 08:35
I have an 8 1/2 inch Commercial Ektar with fungus between the rear elements. Is there a way to remove the rear cells to see if I clean the fungus off? There is a ring that looks as if it could be removed but there are no notches to use a lens wrench. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Paul Fitzgerald
9-Dec-2006, 08:59

The rear element of a Commercial Ektar is cemented together. If it's fungus you should be able to just clean the glass while it's still mounted. If it's between the 2 elements they would have to be de-cemented and re-cemented, BIG hassle.

There should be a retainer ring on the inner side of the cell that unscrews. Be careful cleaning, the coating on Ektar is rather soft, easily damaged.

Good luck with it.