View Full Version : Schneider loupe -latest series

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
9-Dec-2006, 02:12
Hi everyone,

I just want to share my impressions of this loupe. Yesterday as I was shopping for some film I just took a quick look at the new Schneider loupes and was immediately disappointed because of their El Cheepo feel and look. As soon as you take it in your hands it feels plastic, cheap plastic. How can a company of Schneider's caliber use such flimsy housing for their pricy loupes.

I have a 6x loupe from Schneider's previous series, and it has a much more solid construction. I would imagine that using a bit more quality materials would cost Schneider hardly anything to speak of but why be so cheap when their clientele could spend one or two more dollars for something that's already pricey?

Gone are the days when everything used to be made from cast iron!:)


C. D. Keth
9-Dec-2006, 20:57
Also gone are the days where you took pack mules on photography expeditions.;)

Ben Chase
9-Dec-2006, 21:22
Also gone are the days where you took pack mules on photography expeditions.

Isn't that what the wife and kids are for? :)

Frank Petronio
10-Dec-2006, 05:43
That is why eBay is wonderful -- you can the best gear from the old days with the latest technology. Right now the good old Schneider loupes are selling for a fraction of their new cost.