View Full Version : Rodenstock 64mm F4.5..centref filter?

Former Member 8144
8-Dec-2006, 15:11

I am going to start using a rodenstock 65mm F4.5 lens on a 612 panoramic camera.
Most images will be shot at infinity focus or near to.
Shots will be both interior and exterior.

Will a centre filter be needed on this lens for this kind of work?
I may be using a nd filter on many of the shots so am not sure how this would affect the use of a centre filter.



C. D. Keth
8-Dec-2006, 18:40
See the manufacturers lit on whether it needs one or not. My guess is that it probably does. It will work fine with an ND, just place the center filter closest to the lens since the distance from the lens would affect its performance. A center filter is only a specialized graduated ND filter.

8-Dec-2006, 19:08
I think the centre filter for this lens is a 2 stop one so you'll have an ND effect anyway. My guess is that for 6x12 you will probably want one. On 6x9 it starts to become a problem if you use more that a cm or two of shift. Try without one first and pick one up later if you need it.

Former Member 8144
9-Dec-2006, 11:03
Thanks guys,
It will be used on a panoramic camea without any movements but also without ground glass screen for viewing..just external viewfinder so perhaps better to have one just in case.
As iu will not be able to see 'through the lens' to see if edge of frame is darkening and
If I do use one where it is not needed will the edges of the shot be lighter than the rest as the filter is darker to the centre..if I am thinking right?