View Full Version : 72xl on 5x7 b&w w/o center filter

Nicholas F. Jones
8-Dec-2006, 02:31
As a 5x7 shooter I'm aware that with a bag/wide angle bellows the 72xl has enough IC to cover 5x7 with room to spare. Giving an image equal to 15mm on 35mm, it seems to be the widest alternative among modern in-production lenses. My problem is that I don't have a good idea what the image would look like with respect to perspective, distortion, light fall-off, and all the rest.

Since 5x7 is just slightly wider than 6x17cm, I've looked at some photography books where the shooter used the 72xl on a 617 panoramic camera, but in each case the shooter is using other focals as well and particular images are not identified as to lens used (it's easy to guess, but I'd like to know for sure).

So, can anyone provide a link or even post such an image on this board? My druthers would be for b&w without the center filter and prior to any edge-burning or other modification. But anything produced by this lens and format combination would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any examples (or comment).

André Thomas
8-Dec-2006, 05:12
Dear Nicholas,

here you will find a picture taken with the SA 72XL (with Centerfilter, f32, 1/2s) and my 13x18 cm / 5x7" Linhof: http://www.fotoklub-lauenburg.de/galerie/displayimage.php?album=15&pos=11

I strong recommend the use of the centerfilter for 5X7!.

Best regards,

Leonard Evens
8-Dec-2006, 07:09
I don't know precisely how the 72 mm XL is designed, but a rough calculation suggests a fall off in the corners of at least 2 1/2 stops, and it could be more. I agree that for most scenes you probably need a center filter.

Eric Woodbury
8-Dec-2006, 13:14
Here are two images taken with the 72mm XL w/o center filter on BW film. I don't have a center filter, but have used this lens since it first came out. I don't think I'd try to use it if I had to have an even sky or some such. Certainly there is fall off. However, the image circle is quite large. It will almost cover 8x10, so much of the fall off is outside the image if you have the lens/image centered. If I need a filter, I use 4" gels or polyesters. Glass filters are extremely expensive and would probably add to distortion or fall off with this lens.

The two images here are full frame 57 with little manipulation. The edges or corners are not burned. However, both images would hide fall off nicely, especially the bend in the road. The dark corners in that image, however, are mostly due to the darkness on that road.

It is a fun lens.