View Full Version : CZJ 105/3.5 Tessar

William Barnett-Lewis
7-Dec-2006, 22:12
Well, a bit of searching (and more than a little good reading :) ) here hasn't answered my questions, so I'll stick my nose up long enough to ask.

I recently picked up a nice ~1940 Miniature Speed Graphic with a CZ Jena 10.5cm/3.5 Tessar mounted in a rim set Compur Rapid. Looks to be in quite good condition & the shutter sounds as close as any of them ever are :rolleyes: That said, it still looks like a really good example for what I believe to be a prewar uncoated lens in shutter.

My questions are regarding usablility issues. Does anyone know what size Series VI slip-on adaptor will fit it? Also, what is the coverage of this lens like? Though I highly doubt it will cover it, what would it look like on a 4x5? (OTOH, I got a 90/6.8 WA Raptar with the kit and that will play nice as a wide on my Anniversary Speed 4x5 :cool: )