View Full Version : What is this lens good for?

7-Dec-2006, 10:01
It has no shutter, but it does have an almost perfectly round diaphragm that can be adjusted from f4.5 to f25 (per the markings on the barrel).

The markings on the front say C.Friedrich Munchen Doppelanastigmat CORONAR F4,5 13,5 cm.

Any idea what this was designed for?

Can I easily mount it to a lensboard, with or without a shutter?

Ole Tjugen
7-Dec-2006, 10:54
Looks like an enlarger lens to me.

Perhaps an older version of this one? (http://rolynoptics.thomasnet.com/item/photo-enlarging-copy-and-projection-lenses/enlarging-lenses/coronar-d-series-id-736-?&seo=110&plpver=10)

Jim Galli
7-Dec-2006, 11:21
A 4.5 Doppel Anastigmat is a dialyte design. Pretty ordinary stuff. It would cover 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 format. Probably from an old folder.