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7-Dec-2006, 06:39
i am new to all the details of photograpgy and lenses though i have been taking photos since i can remember.

my current camera is an olympus sp350

i am wanting to learn about lens sizes and what difference a larger e.g. 52mm (with step up) lens would make over the standard 37mm lens i could fit only using the one adapter tube.

also i want to know which lenses you might reccomend for my olympus sp350 (37mm thread standard)

please help me! :) jet :)

Ole Tjugen
7-Dec-2006, 07:08
Jet, I believe you have come to the wrong place. The Olympus SP350 is a digital compact camera, it doesn't have interchangeable lenses. There are "addon" lenses you can attach to the filter threads to give wider or nrrower angle of view, though.

In this forum we discuss large format cameras, which for the most part use single-sheet films of 4x5 inches or larger.

neil poulsen
7-Dec-2006, 07:59
You might try the following photo.net forum. You will probably get more response there. People on this forum deal with a much different type of equipment, at the opposite end of the size spectrum.


18-Dec-2006, 13:32
thanks anyway guys, in fact yes i had come to the wrong place, also i meant wide angle lenses etc, all i wanted to know was does the size of the e.g wide angle lens effect the image any more than a smaller wide angle lens eg. 55mm over a 37mm wide angle lens, nevermind eh, c ya guys

maybe ill be back in a while with my large format camera

Scott Davis
18-Dec-2006, 14:15
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Amund BLix Aaeng
18-Dec-2006, 14:45
and here I thought trolls only lived under bridges in Norway or got marketed by Sanrio!

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