View Full Version : Fuji 90mm f8 SW

6-Dec-2006, 21:15
Doesn't this seem like a below market price for a Fuji wide angle lens? I think this is a multi-coated version.


Gary Smith
6-Dec-2006, 21:24
Actually, I am the seller.
It is multicoated.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Hope it helps.


Sheldon N
6-Dec-2006, 21:40
Gary -

It's good to see that you post here as well as doing your work on Ebay. I have to admit that almost all of your auctions tempt me with their very reasonable prices.

I believe that the lens in question is actually a single coated version. The EBC multicoated version has the writing on the exterior of the front lens barrel.

Gary Smith
6-Dec-2006, 22:10
Honestly, I generally dont like posting for sale listings to the LF forum or Apug very often. I feel like I am "cluttering up the forums" more than they should be, so for the most part I dont list anything here.

I will double check, but when my friend gave me this lens a while back, he said it was multicoated and that not every Fujinon muliticoated lens was labeled as such. But I need to double check, but thank you for the information.

Best Regards.


Sheldon N
6-Dec-2006, 23:21
Here's a couple good resources on Fujinon lenses if you haven't already seen them...



By the spec chart your Fuji 90mm would be single coated, but you should be able to tell for sure by the reflections (see the second link).

If you ever run across a Fuji 360mm A, 600mm A, 1200mm A, or a SW 300mm there in Japan can I have first dibs?


David Karp
6-Dec-2006, 23:27
I have one of these. I purchased it a while ago from Jim at MPEX. He told me it was single coated. It has the lettering on the inside front of the barrel, and as Kerry Thalmann's site and his article in View Camera instruct us, it does not have the multiple colored reflections that you get with an EBC coated lens.

That being said, I like this lens. As a rule, I don't like f/8 wide angles, due to the dim groundglass image in low light situations. However, its smaller size and weight compared to the f/4.5 or f/5.6 90s is very nice when backpacking. I have made some nice photos with this lens.