View Full Version : Compare focus quality-enlarging lens v/s photography lens

Sujoy Guha
6-Dec-2006, 14:17
I use digital line scan cameras. The sensors are 35.2 mm in length.

I captured three images, one with a photographic lens (AF Nikkor 35mm), the second with an enlarger lens (Rodagon 35mm) and the final one with another enlarfer lens (Rodagon-WA 40mm). I found that the first two images were out-of-focus at the edges, but the third image was much better.

I investigated this further. I found that the recommended image circle diameter for the Rodagon 35mm is 34mm and that for the Rodagon-WA 40mm it is 43mm. Hence the difference in focus at the edges. Is this assumption correct?

Is there any thing like a image circle diameter for AF-Nikkor's?

How do I get the edges in focus for AF-Nikkor?