View Full Version : Arista Ultra in Pyrocat HD

5-Dec-2006, 18:34
Does anyone have times for processing Arista Edu Ultra 100 (8x10) in Pyrocat HD?
I have been thru all the archives and google too, hopefully I can get the answer here...
Final destination will be VDB contact prints.

Michael Graves
5-Dec-2006, 18:57
I got decent results using it at ASA 50, 12 minutes at 70 degrees. A couple of months back, I posted a photo that I shot on 8x10 using that very film and it got the least nasty comments I ever got for one my pictures on this forum!! It was a photograph of an old Model T Highhat.

Just kidding, of course. I have gotten some very good feedback from the members here.

5-Dec-2006, 19:10
michael, thanks for the info. what dilution did you use? 1:1:100 / 2:2:100...other?

Michael Graves
6-Dec-2006, 05:11
1:2:100 is my standard dilution.

Scott Davis
6-Dec-2006, 08:55
I've been souping the Arista.EDU Ultra 200 in Pyrocat HD, rotary processing, 11 mins @ 75f, 1:1:100 dilution. I rate the 200 at 100. This gives me excellent negatives for printing Palladium/Platinum. The Arista.EDU Ultra films are actually Fomapan. Beautiful film, handles well, great tonal range.

Larry H-L
6-Dec-2006, 12:35
Ultra 100 rated at 50, semi-stand developed at 68 F, 1:1:126, (makes a gallon), 9 minutes, very slight agitation, then another 9 minutes.