View Full Version : Bellows care and refurbishing?

David J. Swatscheno
2-May-2000, 23:26
I have an Eastman 8 x 10 camera in good shape, but the bellows is a bit stiff. I s there any known way or product to make is more pliable? It presently doesn't h ave any leaks or pin holes, should I leave well enough alone?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
3-May-2000, 03:04
Lexsol leather dressing and conditioner. Vacuum it out gently too.

mark lindsey
3-May-2000, 03:42
bellows replacement


Pete Andrews
3-May-2000, 11:03
Try not to extend those dry bellows too much until they've been treated. I posted a similar question to yours a while back, and had numerous (some conflicting) responses. However I got impatient, tried to use the camera before treatment and got a few holes in the corners of the bellows as a reward. I had recommendations from ladies hand lotion to saddle treatment oil, but now it looks like my only real option is new bellows. The moral: Slowly does it, don't be impatient.

Better luck to you.

3-May-2000, 13:19
Hi David, what are your bellows made of??? The lining is different than the outside, so what's it made of too; is the lining cloth-like or rubber-like? David Clark