View Full Version : Oskar Zwierzina "Kunst-Portrait-Objektiv Plasticca" 4/400mm

Richard Årlin
4-Dec-2006, 07:21
Oskar Zwierzina "Kunst-Portrait-Objektiv Plasticca" 4/400mm
Anyone familiar with this lens. I just got one very fine in an auction and will build a large Thornton Pickard rollerblind shutter for it including a slot for ND filters since it has no diafragm and modern emulsions are too fast. I know it is on the cameraeccentric webpage so I mean other info.


Richard Årlin
4-Dec-2006, 12:42
Nobody ?

Ole Tjugen
4-Dec-2006, 15:00
I was hoping someone else would chime in - I'm sure I have something about this lens somewhere, but I have no idea where. I'll start looking though my library...

Dan Fromm
4-Dec-2006, 15:02
www.cameraeccentric.com has some info

Andrew Held
4-Dec-2006, 16:55
I was going to bid on one in a recent ebay auction, but I noticed that the rear element was missing. Check this photo that shows the rear element in place:

I hope yours has a rear element. The lens itself is a mystery. I was unable to find much on it other than the scant advertising information that Seth Broder has thoughtfully put on his site Camera Eccentric. Perhaps it is a similar to the Imagon?

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2006, 01:38
Perhaps it is a similar to the Imagon?

No - the Imagon is really all rear element; the Plasticca has both front and rear, and both seem to be necessary. I thought for a while it might be a Periskop, but it's also said to be achromatic so that's out too. My guess is it's half an anastigmat (an achromatic doublet) coupled with half a Periskop (a positive meniscus).

I just looked through another two books, and still can't find anything about it!

Richard Årlin
5-Dec-2006, 11:38
I'm sorry to say the rear element is missing.... I must reclame it, the catalogue said nothing of the sort. Collected it today and although focus seems somewhat right it's a terrible mess in the corners on 8x10 despite a much larger coverage... why did people bang the rear element of this particular lens I wonder, there's no sign of a dent anywhere... nice bokeh all over the place behind the lens nevertheless

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2006, 13:53
Page 7 of Cameraeccentric's catalog states quite clearly "two lens halves...". http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/plasticca/plasticca7.html

Richard Årlin
5-Dec-2006, 14:29
:eek: I notice...