View Full Version : Source for Photography Grade Sodium Thiosuplhate

4-Dec-2006, 06:37
Hi All,

I found a new source for 50 KG bag Photographic grade of Sodium Thiosulphate.

Interstate Chemical (888) 422-2930. Ask them for your closest supplier. Price is very good.

Just to offer some good source boys.

4-Dec-2006, 08:30
So they have a Canadian source then?

4-Dec-2006, 11:09
Yes they have, I found one in Niagara Falls.

4-Dec-2006, 11:42
Wonder if there is one closer to Toronto. Might call next month.

4-Dec-2006, 11:52
Check with commerical swimming pools supply houses where ever you live. Look for thte ones by the railroad tracks. They will also have sodium sulfite and carbonate as well as other goodies.