View Full Version : Schneider 240mm APO Symmar vs. Nikon 240mm

Gary Smith
4-Dec-2006, 02:25
Hi All,

Just looking for a quick opinion. I currently have a Nikon 240mm W that I am using on 8x10. My friends wife(my friend has passed away) from whom I got my 8x10 gave me a essentially new in box Schneider APO Symmar 240mm lens. I have not had a chance to compare the two yet, but I can only keep one of the two. Have to appease my wife! Any opinions on which is the better lens, I realize this is very very subjective, but just looking for some advice and input.

Thank you!


Dan Fromm
4-Dec-2006, 04:42
No two lenses of the same make and model and batch shoot exactly alike. Ask the lenses what they can do for you.

Ted Harris
4-Dec-2006, 06:49
Totally subjective .... mopunt 'em both and shoot something with both then sell the one that you like the least. Or, sell the Symmar since it will bring more $$ than the Nikkor.

Ken Lee
4-Dec-2006, 08:54
Assuming that image quality is indistinguishable in real-world conditions, it boils down to coverage, size, weight, filter size, and price.

You can have a look here for the details: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html

Oren Grad
4-Dec-2006, 09:05
Gary, under many circumstances they render OOF stuff differently. If that doesn't play an important role in your pictures, or if it's something that doesn't matter to you, then just check the market and see which one you can sell for more. If you do care, then you need to test for yourself to see which better suits your taste.