View Full Version : 135/3.5 Xenotar - Practical Experiences?

Frank Petronio
3-Dec-2006, 20:56
I just picked up a user 135/3.5 Xenotar on fleabay and, in lustful anticipation, I am searching for any practical advice. The first being what size shutter do you think that is and where might I find a flange (and caps would be nice).

If anyone already has one and wouldn't mind sharing the measurements I can probably get caps from Schneider and hunt the internet for the right flange.


I will probably stick this onto a Sinar for now, but there is a part of me who would like to pick up a nice side RF Crown Graphic and rig it up with the "speed" lens. If anyone has done this already, the one key question is, "Can you close the camera with the lens mounted?" Because if you can't then it is a moot point.

Mmmm....portraits with the 135/3.5 wide open. Get ready for some honking big distorted noses and other body parts.

Jim Galli
3-Dec-2006, 21:59
Frank, it's in a Compur 1. Any Copal 1 or Compur 1 locknut will work.

Frank Petronio
3-Dec-2006, 22:02
Thanks Sensei Jim!

4-Dec-2006, 14:17
I have been using the 135mm Xenotar for over a decade, it has long been a favorite of mine. Originally I had it mounted in a Polaroid/ProntorPress #1 shutter (for a 127mm tominon), but I had it moved over to a standard Copal #1 because the Polaroid cut the Xenotar back to a f/5.6 because of a waterhouse type shim in the shutter assembly. I used to use it on a Busch Pressman, and I think that the lens closed up inside, but I won't swear to that, it's been a while. The camera I enjoyed the lens the most was my Galvin 6x9 MF view camera, which I sold a few years ago. I currently use the lens mostly on my Mamiya RZ67, Bronica ETRS and Arca Swiss cameras. The lens produces just as amazing results on the smaller formats as it does on the LF.

william linne
4-Dec-2006, 17:19
It definitely closes up inside my Speed Graphic!

4-Dec-2006, 18:42
My Technika IV came with it in recessed board. 58mm filter. Press Compur #1. They don't make any sweeter lenses than this, not even a Symmar or Dagor.

Frank Petronio
5-Dec-2006, 17:08
Does anyone recall the filter - lenscap size? thanks

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
5-Dec-2006, 17:20

The filter size should be 58mm. I don't recall the cap size and unfortunately my 135/3.5 is in storage so I can't get to it right now...

5-Dec-2006, 21:12
I'm using mine in a Linhof tech V 6x9 and it closes up perfectly with it. Will probably have it cammed soon. Emile/www.deleon-ulf.com

Frank Petronio
14-Dec-2006, 20:41
FWIW, a standard Copal 1 ring fits the Linhof rim-set shutter that came with this lens.