View Full Version : Closing a Technika IV on a Nikkor 150mm

Ed Richards
3-Dec-2006, 19:49
I am looking to replace my original Linhof Symmar 150 with a Nikkor 150. The Nikkor has the same flange focal length, so I am hoping I will not need to get the camera recammed. Does any one have one of these and a Technika? I would like to know if I can close the camera with one in place.

Oren Grad
3-Dec-2006, 20:09
Ed, a difference in flange-to-film would be just a matter of resetting the corresponding infinity stop. The issue for re-camming is whether the actual focal lengths are different - or more realistically, how far different they are.

Ed Richards
3-Dec-2006, 21:43
Oren, I understand, but I am lazy, I would like to not have to change anything if I can. The thought of moving stops set with tiny screws 50+ years ago is daunting.:-) Plus, it reduces my temptation to spend a lot more on the Rodenstock 150mm f/5.6 Apo-Sironar-S.

Oren Grad
3-Dec-2006, 21:54
Anyway, having recently had the opportunity to try it, I can tell you that a Master Technika will close with a 150 Apo-Sironar-S on a flat board. So if the clearances on the bed of the IV are similar and the 150 Nikkor is the same or smaller...

Ed Richards
3-Dec-2006, 22:04
The Nikkor is slightly larger - 52mm filter rather than 49.