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2-Dec-2006, 12:44
Hi Guys

I'm looking for the lens board adaptor that will allow me to use my 5 x 4 Linhoff-board mounted lenses on my Tachihara 10x8. I know they're avaiable new, but I thought I'd look around for a second-hand one first. So, two questions;
1. Will the adaptor board from any other 10x8 camera (Deardorff etc) fit the Tachihara?
2. Does anyone have one you're looking to sell!?


Brian Ellis
3-Dec-2006, 23:55
Since no one has responded, you might call Jim at MidWest Photo. He carries 8x10 Tachiharas and the occasional used Deardorff so he probably knows if the Tachihara boards are the same size as Deardorff or another 8x10.

Oren Grad
4-Dec-2006, 08:46
The Tachihara will accept Sinar boards, but its "native" board is a wooden board that's a bit thicker in the raised portion on the back. A Deardorff board won't fit.

The adapter board that Jim sells is not outrageously priced as new adapter boards go. If you're very patient, you may be able to get one a bit cheaper on eBay.

Nicholas F. Jones
5-Dec-2006, 09:29
For my Tachihara 8x10 triple extension I use both boards already mentioned. Linhof-size (made by Nikon) with the adapter for smaller lenses, Sinars for the big lenses. I agree, compared to the cost of the camera and 8x10 shooting generally, the adapter is not expensive; and I find that the Sinars are a good fit even if they weren't designed for my camera.