View Full Version : Flat lensboard for Arca Swiss?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
2-May-2000, 08:48
In a publicity photo for the Arca Swiss F Metric, I noticed that the camera had a flat lensboard. However, I can't find a flat lensboard listed in their litera ture. They all seem to be sunken a tad (7mm). Do they still make such a beast? Many thanks to all in advance Yaakov Asher Sinclair

Dominique Cesari
2-May-2000, 12:59
Some years ago Arca-Swiss used to do a flat lensboard. Most parts of their photographs showing the products circa 1990 had a flat lensboard with a very small hole. Some of these photographs may be still used on litterature. Nowadays, the standard lensboard in 4x5 inches is 13 mm sunk. I think it's more rigid, and the center of the diaphragm is closer to the tilting plane. A lensboard sunk 27 mm or so is also offered in 4x5 inches, to fit 47 mm lenses.

The old style Arca-Swiss standard lensboard (before 1984 I think) was also flat. Beware to second hand parts : it does'nt fit the present Arca-Swiss line.

Ellis Vener
3-May-2000, 08:00
The older flat lensboards can be used on the current models ofthe Arca F-Line an d Monolith cameras. Domonique is 2/3rds correct about the 13mm recess on the current lensboards except that you do not need the more deeply recessed lens board to use a Schneider 47mm XL- Super Angulon or even a Rodenstock 45mm Apo-Grandagon at infinity. According to Martin Vogt at the Arca Factory, th e standard (13mm recess) lensboard allows you to achieve infinity focus with as short as a 43mm lens.

Dominique Cesari
3-May-2000, 13:33

In my previous poster I said <<Beware to second hand parts : it does'nt fit the present Arca-Swiss line.>> (applying to old silver line)

This is at least true for bellows. You are affirmative in former threads about old style lensboards, as they fit the new cameras. Haven't they changed in the shape of the side facing the standard? (I must admit I have quite a lot to learn about Arca-Swiss)

For the other point : recess lensboard for very short focal. Arca- Swiss offer one recessed of 27 mm, mentionning that it is needed at least in one combo (I forgot which, but it is 45 or 47 mm). I presume that with one of the short bellows, you may perhaps may focus at infinity but can't have movements. That said, I probably never will use a 47 mm on a 4x5 Arca.