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Sven Schroder
2-Dec-2006, 05:08

Can anyone provide any info on Berthiots Eurygraphe series IV, I'am aware of the scant few lines in the Vademecum. I have an advert for the "trousse eurygraphe" in french which I will scan and post later. The advert came with my Trousse eurygraphe
No2 serie IV c which contains 390,305,230 cells with the barrel and iris marked in millimeters, cominations 390+305 = 173, 390+230 =155, 305+230 =138.
The vademecum states Q9/dagor type and maybe an etxra reflection, I see two bright and one dim plus another tiny one and this seem correct. They seem to have been made for some time with the Trousse set from the late 20's serial number 170863 and I just recieved a eurygraphe IV a serial number 400275 but I can't find the serial list again to date this.

so questions 1. Any idea of coverage the 173 combo just covers 10x8 the others clip
which is fine as the set is for 5x7 .
2. could they be collinear design the cells on the 180 IV a aren't symmetrical pair I maybe wrong but dagors are symmetrical and not convertable, the front cell is much thicker than the rear and focal lenghts are different.

I'd like to make some tests and more importantly use them, but I'm moving in the near future so that will have to wait.
Thanks and Regards

Ole Tjugen
2-Dec-2006, 06:57
Dagors were originally named "Doppel-Anastigmat Goerz Serie III", and were intended to be convertible. So were all of the other derivatives - like the ealiest Schneider Symmars (triple-convertible, Dagor type), Schneider Angulon (reverse Dagor), Kollinear, Orthostigmat, Zeiss Protar Ser. IV (not the f:12.5 WA, the convertibles where each cell is f:12.5 - both are called Serie IV), and lots of others.

So being made as a convertible is no guarantee that it isn't a Dagor-type!

Sven Schroder
2-Dec-2006, 08:17
Thanks Ole

You're right, I've been looking at the reflections of the dagor-types I have and found a big collinear cell (front half of series II no5 came in box of bits its about 600m) matches reflections as you would expect, anyway I'm pleased with it. Fits the 5x7 lens kit I'm puting together for my new 5x7 Gandolfi well new to me anyway, bought with new bellows fitted and from a shop for less than ebay values I couldn't believe the price :)

Thanks and Regards

Emmanuel BIGLER
2-Dec-2006, 08:27
Hello from France
I have found very little information about the Trousse Eurygraphe in the archives of the French galerie-photo forum.

However one of our French forum members, Christophe Frot, has one, or at least has used a Trousse Eurygraphe in the past.
The archived message is here, the last one in the thread, dated September, 2002 :
Chostophe has passed his trousse to Christain Nze, another French LF-er so you should try to contact one of those gentlemen directly on my behalf (contact me off-list if you need more details)
Christophe Frot can be contacted through his member profile on http://www.galerie-photo.info/forum/search.php?f=1 use the search engine, enter his name in the search string field and select/tick : auteur, un-select sujet and corps
Christian Nze has a web site : http://cnze.club.fr
Both are fluent in English.

Sven Schroder
2-Dec-2006, 08:55

Another coffee break from packing, thanks for the info/contacts Emmanuel.
The set I bought also came with handwriten combination table on the back of a french cheque stub and maybe came to the london shop direct from france as the owners travel to source their stock. I'm embrassed by my french but from what I could make out from the advert berthiot recommend a perigraphe as a wide to go with the set, I have the 135 (and 200 for which I'd need 8x20 to reach its potential coverage) and can say I'm very happy with both and if they are anything to judge by then I have a nice setup (well a bit more than nice +++Excellent+++).

Coffee's all done so thanks again.

Ted Harris
2-Dec-2006, 15:30
Christian uses or used to use several different SOM Berthiot lenses. He has a friend that used to get 'seconds' direct from the factory. I bought a perigraphe from him around 10 years ago.