View Full Version : heliar 36cm flange

1-Dec-2006, 08:23
I recently bought a 36cm heliar in barrel (sn: 252xxxx). The lens is super clean (almost mint), but it has no flange. Where can I buy one for less than $50? I'm mounting it on a sinar lensboard. Can somebody suggest how to make a DIY retaining nut/flange?
BTW, this thing is a huge and heavy lens, so the DIY retaining nut/flange has to be strong.

Tim Deming
1-Dec-2006, 09:34
I've mounted mine in a 6x6 wood board (homemade) by making the hole just slightly smaller than the screw threads, and then "screwing" the lens into the wood board. The wood is softer than the metal and will give way to form threads that hold the lens. I've done this also with a huge 48cm heliar and both are secure.

I've seen in another thread that Barry Young will make lens flanges for about $20. You might try contacting him here (or on APUG) to see if he's still doing this.