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29-Nov-2006, 10:25
Hi all,
I'm new LF user. My dad gave me Horseman LX with 210mm Schneider and I'm so appreciate when use for still life.
But I'm not much use this stuff, now I've a project to take some landscape picture. Could you pls tell me.. I concern about the weight so anyone use to take monorail LF in this case? (or I should find some field camera instead?.. hard to find in Thailand) pls advice me.
apologise in my poor English.

Thanks for your kindness. :)

Ron Marshall
29-Nov-2006, 10:36
Welcome to the forum Funt. Weight is not usually a problem with a good backpack, but monorails generally don't fold as small as field cameras for transport. But if you partially dissasemble the monorail, ie. detach one end of the bellows you may be able to fold the front and rear standards inwards.

I backpacked with my Sinar F1 a few times then went for a more compact camera. But for short hikes it is no problem.

There is a Thai website dedicated to analogue black and white, with some discussion of large format, that you may be interested in:


steve simmons
29-Nov-2006, 11:03
Here is some reading

then go to
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good luck and enjoy

steve simmons

Ralph Barker
29-Nov-2006, 12:20
The only disadvantages to using a monorail in the field are size and weight. If you can deal with those inconveniences, there's no reason not to give it a try. After you get fully addicted to LF, you can always go the field-camera route, or add a field camera to your LF kit.

When I started using my first 4x5 (an inexpensive Orbit monorail) back in the late 1960s, I found a backpack that would accept the entire hard case, and used it for several years that way, tucking wrapped lenses and accessories in the wells of the hardcase. It was heavy and inconvenient, but it worked. Of course, I was much younger and stronger back then. ;)

David Karp
29-Nov-2006, 13:07
Here is one person's viewpoint on your question:


I used to pack a couple of different monorails in the field. It is very doable. Then I got a field camera with a full range of movements. Now the monorail is for shooting from the car or architecture. The field camera goes with me in the backpack.

30-Nov-2006, 06:15
Thank you so much for Ron,Steve,Ralph and David for your kindly advice.
I'll try to do my best before add any kit. when done will share my pics to this forum again. : )

Ted Harris
30-Nov-2006, 06:34

Since I use basically the same camera, mine is an LS, in the studio I can tell you that it easily breaks down into a rather compact kit. However, as you already know it is heavy, especially if you hve the extendable rail. Finally it will require a very sturdy tripod in the field.

7-Dec-2006, 00:57
Thanks for your advice Ted, : D