View Full Version : Folding a C-1, revisited

Jim Rice
28-Nov-2006, 21:12
OK, so I had to tap out the holes and replace the thumbscrews that hold the rear standard to the front when folded. That part is fine. For the life of me I can't figure out how the clips that hold the rear extension rail up are supposed to work. Could someone explain it really slowly for me? Thanks.

29-Nov-2006, 05:27
Well, they go from the small Phillips type screw over to the big, flat headed screw. Just what they are actually supposed to do, I've never figured out. They certainly don't hold up the extension rail. I put a piece of masonite over my ground glass and then put a bungee cord around it to hold the extension rail folded.

Maybe someone has a better answer.

Scott Davis
29-Nov-2006, 07:46
They do hold it upright, just not very tightly. The thing flops around a bit, but seems to be harmless in the end. That, and the weight of the monster, are the reasons why I got rid of mine. Otherwise it's a highly competent camera.

Merg Ross
29-Nov-2006, 11:48
Jim, I concur that the clips do a poor job of holding the extension rail tightly. I use a robust rubber band placed over the rail knob and hooked on the dark cloth clip by the handle. Not elegant, but it works.

al olson
3-Dec-2006, 14:20
To the best I could figure it out for my Arkay/Burke&James/Calumet Orbit, The extension rail can be placed in an upright position for compact storage. This requires the removal of the two large flathead screws and their reinsertion to place it in the vertical position. It would be nice to be able to rotate it up without removing the screws, but I can't.

The large holes in the funny little clip accommodate the large screws when the rail is horizontal and the clip is not being used. The small holes appear to be designed to fit over the Phillips screw heads when the rail is vertical. My guess is that you loosen the Phillips screw and slide the clip under, then tighten it again. Note image. Doesn't seem to do much for rigidity, but a nice try, ....sort of.

Not very secure for transportation, as already mentioned.