View Full Version : B/W Processing with JOBO

Danny Liao
28-Nov-2006, 19:44
I have a jobo and i use it to process my 4x5 film. I'm currently using the reel model to process, not the 3006/3010 tanks. Anyway, the other day I was processing and forgot if I needed to insert the film into the reel emulsion side up or down. Does it matter or not?


29-Nov-2006, 02:59
I don't think it makes a difference, or at least I never noticed a difference in results.:)

Jan Pedersen
29-Nov-2006, 07:46
Danny, If you are using the Jobo 2521 your wheel may have some taps to keep the film away from the inside of the slots in which the film is sitting, mine does. I didn't think about it when i started using it but after going to minimal agitation those taps would show up on the negatives as less developed clear spots.
Since then i have alsway located the negative with emulsion side out and had no problems. Hope this helps.


5-Dec-2006, 15:35
I use a Jobo as well, 2521, for 4x5 processing. The manual says the emulsion should face in toward the the center of the reel. Not sure it would make a difference.