View Full Version : 11x14 Fidelity Medical Film Holders

28-Nov-2006, 11:09

Someone offered me a bunch of 11x14 Fidelity medical film holders. Are these usable in standard 11x14 cameras? Does it matter if they are xray film holders?



Jiri Vasina
28-Nov-2006, 11:31
I have no personal experience, but according to a similar thread on APUG (http://www.apug.org/forums/showthread.php?t=34065) it should be usable in standard cameras.


29-Nov-2006, 06:36
I have an 11x14 Improved Empire State view and have had no problems using 11x14 Fidelity Medical Film holders with it.

Mark Sawyer
30-Nov-2006, 10:14
Just wondering, never having seen one of these and being in the market for good 11x14 filmholders... Are these two-sided or one-sided? Are there any drawbacks to them? Any recommended places to scrounge for them?

Oren Grad
30-Nov-2006, 10:36
All of the Fidelity 11x14 holders I have are labeled "Medical Cassette". They're two sided, and work and feel just like standard Fidelity holders in smaller sizes. Actually, I've never seen a Fidelity 11x14 holder that isn't labeled "Medical Cassette".

The only real drawback I've seen so far is that they're noticeably heavier than the 11x14 wooden holders I'm familiar with, Tachihara and S&S.

They've been coming up fairly regularly on eBay, prices typically $300-400.