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27-Nov-2006, 17:30
Hi. Thinking about a 300/500 convertible symmar. Any remarks on this lens? to be used on 8x10, with plenty of bellows to accomodate the 500 focal lenth.

Christopher Perez
27-Nov-2006, 21:31
Symmar Convertibles are fun lenses. If you can handle the weight due to brass barrels, then you're likely to find the lenses cheap and readily available. I have a 240mm (in #2 Compur) and a 360mm (in #5 Compound), both of which do the "heavy lifting" on my 8x10 work these days. Talk about out of focus area rendering! and critical sharpness across the field!! :) :)

Ole Tjugen
28-Nov-2006, 00:07
I like them too - I use 180, 240 and 300mm Symmar convertibles. If using the rear cell alone it should be stopped well down if sharpness is what you're after, or you will see some chromatic aberrations in the corners (150/265 on 4x5", or 300/500 on 8x10").