View Full Version : Horseman Rollfim Holder - Is it for 4x5 or 6x9?

Gary Euler
28-Apr-2000, 00:38
Being primarily a 35mm and medium format guy, I hope that it is appropriate for me to ask an elementary question on this list about equipment. If not, please l et me know and I will scurry back to the Nikon list.

I acquired a new Horseman Roll Film Holder in a small lot of photo equipment at auction. It is for 6x9 format (marked "8 exp/120") The Horseman online catalog tells me that it is either for a 4"x5" camera (Horseman #451 roll film holder)o r for a 6x9cm camera (Horseman #1 roll film holder).

There must be a simple identifier or dimension that will enable me to answer my question without Finding a Horseman to try it on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Gary

28-Apr-2000, 02:20
The Horseman #1 measures 5.5 x 3.75 inches, the #451 is a bit larger.

Garrett Adams
28-Apr-2000, 02:26
If it's designed for to be used on a 6x9 camera the mounting flange will be about 5 1/2 x 3 1/8 inches. If built to be used on a 4x5 camera it will have the dimensions of a 4x5 sheet film holder.

Gary Euler
28-Apr-2000, 11:58
Thank you gentlemen for assisting me with this question. It appears that I have new Horseman Roll Film Holder 1 for 6x9 format on a 6x9 camera.

It will not fit my Nikons, Bronica, Graflex or Anthony so I would entertain any suggestions you might offer for relocating it to a more ssuitable home.

Best regards


Garrett Adams
29-Apr-2000, 03:02
To find a suitable home for a back you cannot use? Of the top of my head -- how about selling or giving it away.

Darron Spohn
1-May-2000, 12:24
I have a 2x3 Crown Graphic that would make a nice match for your Horseman 6x9 back. Heck, if you send me the nack I'll even go out and buy a new Rodenstock lens for the 2x3 Graphic :-)