View Full Version : Wollensak barrel

J.L. Frost
28-Apr-2000, 00:08
I bought a Wollensak 210 f/4.5 barrel lens I would like to try on my Crown Graph ic. Any comments on the quality and use of this lens would certainly be apprecia ted. Thanks

Ed Buffaloe
28-Apr-2000, 09:25
I have used two Wollensak lenses in the past--both were excellent performers, though I'm sure neither were up to modern standards. One was a 14" Raptar that I used on an 8x10 camera, and I wish now I hadn't sold it with the camera. The other was a 150mm Raptar that I used for many years as an enlarging lens for my 4x5 negatives. I never had any complaints about the latter lens, but I have replaced it with a modern Schneider.

I suspect your Wollensak will work very well for making 4x5 negatives, but if you need critical sharpness, contrast, or color rendition you would do well to obtain a more modern design.