View Full Version : Sinar 4x5 Bag versus "Extra Wide Bellows" ?

Frank Petronio
26-Nov-2006, 23:05
Not having used anything wider than a 90mm on a 4x5 Sinar before, if I dropped down to a wider lens at what point would I want to be looking for the fabled, rare "Extra Wide Bellows"? 80, 75, 72, 65, 58, 47, etc...

And if you've used the Extra Wide, how long a lens can it handle?

Armin Seeholzer
27-Nov-2006, 02:47
Hi Frank
I use a 47 mm XL with just the normal wide bellows at non problems. Maybe its just to make money with the other one!

Antonio Corcuera
27-Nov-2006, 03:42
I use a 65mm with the normal wide bellows without any problems.

John Pym
27-Nov-2006, 04:13
If you are not using lenses in a DB mount, I don't think that you should ever need the extra-wide bellows.