View Full Version : Are these lenses good for anything?

Rafael Garcia
26-Nov-2006, 19:59
Just bought these two lens/shutter combos on eBay for $28.00 + S/H:

1) Heavy Duty Alphax Shutter w/ Wollensak-Dumont CRO 75mm f/2.8 Oscillo-Anastigmat Lens, serial no. C65296.

2) Alphax Shutter w/ Wollensak 75mm f/1.9 Oscillo-Anastigmat Lens.

I am interested in the shutters. Are the lenses good for anything? I believe them to be flat field lenses for oscilloscope photography, but could they be used? In what format (I shoot 5x7 and 4x5), if any?

The large f value of the lenses intrigues me.

The 'Heavy Duty" shutter has no f stop dial and the aperture control is in the back, for access internal from the oscilloscope camera's box. I assume that the lever can be extended and a dial added to the lensboard. Is there a way to calculate f-stop from iris measurement? It doesn't have a time scale either, although it has the external ring that sets time. Can I determine the time settings and make a scale based on the other shutter's?

The second shutter (with the f1.9 lens) is almost identical to the one I have on my 5x7 camera now, which is great, and has the slider f-stop dial on the face. Neither have flash terminals, as far as I know, unlike my current Alphax shutter. I don't use flash, so I don't care.

Dan Fromm
27-Nov-2006, 04:18
Rafael, your new toys were designed to cover 3x4 at around 1:1. They won't cover 4x5 at infinity and shouldn't be particularly sharp at infinity. Basically they're paperweights.

Rafael Garcia
29-Nov-2006, 17:51
But what beautiful shutters! They will certainly be used.