View Full Version : print washer has slime in it

Fred Braakman
26-Nov-2006, 19:14
I haven't used my print washer for a few weeks, and today, I noticed some slimy material inside the tank, on the tubing that draiins the tank. Should one regularily drain it when not in use? Or is there a way to maintain the tank so this doesn't build up?


26-Nov-2006, 19:23
I know it happens and I have cleaned mine using citric acid diluted in the water. Also used Alka Seltzer tablets with success. Scrubbing out afterward helps a lot.

27-Nov-2006, 08:07
I was told those denture tablets work well too...

Ed Richards
27-Nov-2006, 08:20
Dilute chlorine bleach is also good. Draining it is a good idea. Otherwise you need to keep the chlorine level up by adding a little bleach, but I doubt this would be good for the prints.

matthew blais
27-Nov-2006, 08:54
Try Lime Away® or Tilex® and even vinegar.

Alan Rabe
27-Nov-2006, 14:08
I use the denture tablets with great success. If vinegar works then acetic acid stop bath should too, it's the same acid as in vinegar and close to the same strength. But yeah you need to drain it when not being used.

Fred Braakman
27-Nov-2006, 21:03
Thanks for your suggestions.


Jim Noel
28-Nov-2006, 16:43
I used to have the problem and would put a little chlorine bleach in to remove the algae. Now I simply enpty it unless I am positive I will be using it the following day.

Robert Hall
29-Nov-2006, 11:38
I run Clorox through the printer before I start. I have a fairly large washer and the bleach works great.

I tried using acid, like citric, but it didn't do as good of a job as the chlorine bleach.

I just pour 2 cups across the top and let it cycle. By the time I print, the washer is _very_ clean.

Maris Rusis
2-Dec-2006, 16:20
I use benzalkonium chloride from the swimming pool supply store. This stuff supresses slime and algae in swimming pools at low concentrations and, unlike chlorine based products, is safe on photographic materials and people.

At the end of a wash session I just tip in a calculated quantity (based on wash tank volume) and the wash tank stays sweet and ready for use. The concentration of benzalkonium chloride I use is 10 times the recommended level for swimming pools but the stuff is so cheap that it only amounts to a few cents.