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Pete Watkins
26-Nov-2006, 13:03
I've been to another camera fair and spent the grand total of 14-00 (U.K. pounds) on four lenses. My main question is about a 15 inch Ilex process Paragon (seems to be single coated). Will it cover 8 x 10? From the info that I've dredged up it appears to cover 5 x 7, but 8 x 10?
There is a Schneider Xenar 135mm which dates from 1921 by the serial number, in a dial Compour. Will it cover 5 x 4?
I have a Salex Anastigmat f4.5 135mm in barrel. Salex was a trade name used by a London company which traded in the 1920's. Has anybody tried one of these lenses?
The final lens is a Kodak f4.5 127mm Anastigmat in a working? Kodak no.2 Supermatic shutter (made in The U.S.A.). I assume that this is a press camera lens. EY 838 is engraved on the lens, am I correct in assuming that this dates the lens to 1940. has anybody any comments on this lens?
I know that I'm getting boring but as there's only one more local fair before Christmas please bear with me.

Steve Hamley
26-Nov-2006, 18:49

1) Yes, should cover and maybe a bit of movement. Keep in mind that the minimum focal length Goerz recommended for the Artar to cover 8x10 was 16-1/2" although everyone seems to agree shorter lengths will cover for general use. Process lenses were specified very conservatively to minimize distortion effects (and others) in the repro process.
2) Likely yes with little or no movement.
3) The Vade Mecum suggests two types and 6" for 4x5 (5x4). So technically no, but then the 127mm Kodak Ektar wasn't really designed with 4x5 in mind either; IIRC it was intended for use on smaller formats but was a very popular 4x5 lens.
4) Ditto 2


Pete Watkins
27-Nov-2006, 00:36
Many thanks for your help. As the ilex is a process lens I assume that it will be at its best at f22/f32.