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26-Nov-2006, 07:08
I am selling Kodak wide field ektar 190mm, i really have no idea how much i should get paid for this lens. The lens is clean and everything works fine. What do you guys think this lens costs these days? i check ebay for completed items, and there are one 190mm ended at $90 which really didnt have great condition and a couple others as 250mm, 100mm...(250mm ended at about $535) Since the price ranges of these items are so wide, i cannot decide how much i should get.

Please recommend


John Bowen
26-Nov-2006, 10:20
List it on Ebay and see what it brings

Brian Ellis
26-Nov-2006, 11:11
Check the web sites of dealers that carry used LF gear (MidWest Photo Exchange, Lens and Repro, KenMar Camera, KEH, Adorama and B&H used equipment departments, and Camera West come to mind). See if they have one listed, compare condition and shutters with yours, and if they do use that as a guide. If not then just use your best guess based on the prices you found on ebay. Assuming equivalent condition and shutters, I wouldn't expect a huge difference in price between a 190 and the 250 you found on ebay unless Kerry Thalman has driven up the price of one or the other by calling it a "future classic." : - )

Jim Rice
26-Nov-2006, 16:07
The 250 covers 8x10". That would seem to be enough for a premium.

26-Nov-2006, 16:17
I've decided to shoot (LF) with nothing but Ektars...have a 127, 152, 203, 14 inch....How much cash ya want? I adore Ektars....really I do....

Chuck Pere
27-Nov-2006, 06:28
I would think that a 190 would bring less then a 135 or 250. The 135 is a hot 5x7 lens and the 250 covers 8x10 well. I have read that the 190 barely covers 8x10 and its modern counterparts work Ok at 5x7.