View Full Version : I need info about the Horsemann roll film holder 6X12

Stefano Gatti
26-Apr-2000, 23:46

I have just bought a used Horsemann roll film holder 6X12 and I need some inform ation about it, as I am not sure to understand how it works (before I put a roll of film in it...). I tried to use the lever but the frame counter does not move from the "S" position (My other holder, a Toyo, in this case go through 1, 2, 3 , ...) Is that normal or it is a malfunction?

The problem is that it came without the manual. I would appreciate if somebody w ould send me a copy of it. Thank you for the help.

Stefano (Italy) stefano-gatti@libero.it

Mark Windom
27-Apr-2000, 00:18

I have the Horseman 6X9 holder but it should work in the same way as the 612. What you are seeing is normal. The film counter won't advance until you have loaded the film. With the "cartridge" out of the holder advance the film until you can see the arrow on the paper leader in the cutout. Put the cartridge in the holder, close and lock it, and advance the film. It should stop at number 1. In order to advance the film after exposing a frame you must first advance the silver tab, located below the film advance lever, in the direction of the arrow.

Horseman makes a great roll film holder.

Trevor Crone
27-Apr-2000, 16:29
Stefano I have recently obtained the Horseman 6x12 roll film back and as Mark as already explained you must load a film before the counter will operate. You get 6 exposures on 120 film,image size 56mmx112mm.It is a superb holder holding the film perfectly flat,the negs.are very sharp.Just remember to load the film in t he left chamber and pull the backing paper to the righthand takeup spool,wind on until the arrow on the films backing paper appears in the lower circular window .Close back and your ready to shoot.I'm sorry if this last bit of info. is obvio us to you but I thought I best state it just incase you are completely new to th is type of roll film back. good shooting, Trevor.

27-Apr-2000, 17:01
One further note: to free the winding lever after each exposure, just flick the top center latch (by arrow) to the left once and then let it go before you crank the winding lever. If you HOLD the latch to the left, the lever will just keep winding and winding and you'll waste some film.

Timo Ripatti
8-May-2000, 06:32
Just a remark:

The Horseman 6x12 film back is sort of symmetrical - you can load the mechanism either way inside the "covers". This is a great help if you have the camera in an awkward position - you can still reach the winding lever and see the frame couter...