View Full Version : Is this Kodak Specialist Model 2?

23-Nov-2006, 21:20
My uncle accidentally receive this kind of camera from his friend.
He plan to donate it to the camera museum but don't have any clue what model is it?
all i know is it's kodak,but not sure if it's kodak specialist model 2 or not? Any idea what is it? and history of it?

Thanks inadvances

23-Nov-2006, 21:21
Lens kit

Richard Kelham
24-Nov-2006, 04:42
It's not what I know as a "Kodak Specialist Model 2" despite what the plate says. In my experience the Specialist 2 was a half-plate field camera made in England in the 1950s. This thing is much larger and seems at first glance to be some sort of horizontal copy camera or something given the double extension and total lack of movements but exactly what it is I know not.


Ole Tjugen
24-Nov-2006, 05:46
Which "total lack of movements"?

From what I can see that camera has rise and shift on the lens board, and at least tilt on the rear. It looks like a studio camera to me, not a copy camera.

Richard Kelham
25-Nov-2006, 12:32
I still think it's some kind of process camera...