View Full Version : Starting times for FP4 and Tri-X 320 in Rollo Pyro?

brian steinberger
22-Nov-2006, 16:44
I've researched this subject in the archives and found times for both films in PMK pyro and will use those as a general starting point if I can't find anyone who has experience with rollo pryo and rotary processing. I'm processing 4x5 using a Jobo 3010 on a beseler motor base.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Geary Lyons
22-Nov-2006, 17:21
I haven't used FP4 in 4x5, but have used TXP 320, IE 160 = ABC+ (Rollo) Pyro in expert drums on Jobo processor 8min at 20C, 1:2:75. The PF/Laban recommendation was IE 200, but I didn't quite get the shadow detail that I wanted.