View Full Version : 90mm on a Kardan GT

Nick Wood
22-Nov-2006, 10:15
(Posting this as a result of another thread I left today re. Sironar vs Sinaron)

Have just taken delivery of a Linhof Kardan GT. Have been waiting for a decent kit to crop up on eBay, but continually miss out.

Opted for monorail over field; really I was after something more portable, but this will get me going in the mysterious LF universe.

I was expecting German precision in the Kardan. Now that it's turned up it seems to be 'super-precision' ...WOW!

Unfortunately there's no lens board. I fully realised how expensive Linhof accessories would be, but got the camera for an absolute song.

Anyway, to lenses. Most of my subject matter is landscape, with a bit of portraiture and architectural thrown in. My favoured MF lens is 50mm.

I've half decided to start with a 90mm and a 210mm, though I'm not sure how much movement I'll get from the standard Kardan bellows with the 90mm. I'll shortly be receiving a recessed lens panel adaptor which will take Technika panels, so that should help with the 90mm, but I'm not sure whether it'll help enough?

I only chose to investigate the Rodenstocks because of the 'Lenses for 4x5 cameras - landscape' feature on the LF homepage.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.



Bob Salomon
25-Nov-2006, 06:02
For lenses from 65mm to 90mm the GT uses the flat boards. The proper one for all but the 90mm 4.5 Grandagon would be 001080. For the 90mm 4.5 it would be 001081.

All of these focal lengths will need the Wide angle bag bellows. DO NOT USE THE OLDER WIDE ANGLE BELLOWS WITH THE PLEATED SECTION.