View Full Version : Any experience of Sinar zoom 2 rollfilm holder?

Philip Y Graham
25-Apr-2000, 18:24
Has anyone experience of using the Sinar zoom 2 rollfilm holder - especially its drawbacks (apart from the price). I plan to use it on a Technikardan S 45 but I understand it doesn't fit all 4x5 camera backs (review article by Gene Kennedy, View Camera July/August 1998). Any comments would be most appreciated.

Bob Salomon
25-Apr-2000, 19:07
The Linhof Techno Rolex 56 x 120mm fits perfectly while we have no reports of how the Sinar 56 x 112mm back works on the TK.

All Linhof 612 focusing aids are based on 56 x 120mm rather then the smaller 56 x 112mm so Linhof's aids won't be accurate with this back.

Bart Langenaken
25-Jun-2006, 05:39
I used Sinar zoom 2 on my TK45s and on my MT2000 without problems. Only the Sinar back is rather thick and when the back is almost complete inserted behind the GG you have to use some force to place in in position.