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21-Nov-2006, 05:42
Hi Guys

I've had a search through the archives, but I'm unable to find anything. I used to process my own E6 films using a 3 bath process, but gave up a while ago. I've been shooting 5x4 for a few years, and I'm about to take delivery of a 10 x 8. I want to go back to processing my own trannies, prefeably using a Jobo system processor and tanks. So......

1. Can you process 10 x 8 trannies with a Jobo CPE2, or do you really need the CPP series with a 3000 series tank.

2. Which is going to give me better results: 3 bath or 6 bath process? (I know this is subjective, but your views would be helpfull)

I'm sure more questions will follow, but that's all for now. Thanks.

Ole Tjugen
21-Nov-2006, 08:07
1: Yes, that's what I do. Or rather - I do my 5x7" with a CPE2 and print drums. No problems at all. I do 8x10", 9.5x12" and 12x16" BW negatives in those drums, too.

2: No idea. I use JOBO's 3 bath process.

Diane Maher
21-Nov-2006, 10:08
Finally going to give 8x10 a try, eh, Steve? Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing some of those.

Diane :D

21-Nov-2006, 12:18

Which tank do you process the 10 x 8's in using the CPE2?

21-Nov-2006, 12:30
Hi Diane

Yes well........

I've been tempted by 10 x 8 for a while, but my problem is that I'm afraid it will become all consuming (like the 5x4 did!), and I really haven't the time right now. However, a nice camera has come along at a good price, and I couldn't resist.

The main problem is that there are no local labs that cater for 10 x 8, meaning that I will have to do my own processing. So I'm now looking at getting a CPE2/CPP2. At some point I suppose I'll have to look at 10x8 enlargers. See what I mean about all consuming !!

21-Nov-2006, 13:07
Well I just opened my big mouth and proclaimed that I won't consider processing E6 myself, and here I am reading this thread. Um, Ole: what size print drum do you use for 8x10? Also, how much solution do you use for your particular drum when developing 8x10 sildes? Good grief, I'm looking at Tetenal developer on the B&H site now...

Ole Tjugen
21-Nov-2006, 14:36
I have a 2840 and two 2830 tanks; I use whichever is dry. They can all take two 8x10" / 18x24cm or four 5x7" / 13x18cm. If I can't find the little "winged" spacer thingies I prefer the biggest drum - at least with 5x7" film.

For solution amounts I simply follow the instructions on the tanks!

21-Nov-2006, 14:45
"winged" spacer thingies !!??

Ole Tjugen
21-Nov-2006, 14:56
"winged" spacer thingies !!??

Yes, exactly. These were little plastic things which clip onto the ribs inside the tank to keep the papers (or films) separted during processing. One type is a straight tube, with a lengthwise slit for the rib. the "winged" type has small horizontal "wings" (I find no better way to describe it) so that they held the films separated not only horizontally, but vertically as well. I believe these are now discontinued, which is why I spend so much time searching for mine.

21-Nov-2006, 17:19
Thank you for the info., Ole. I just purchased the Tetenal kit, and I'll probably get a paper drum too. The expert drum is too expensive for me right now. I don't think I can manage a worse disaster <gulp> than sending my exposed film abroad to be viewed by someone using a 1,000,000 candela flood lamp.

23-Nov-2006, 13:54
Hi Guys

Thanks for all your input. I've decided to have a look around for a good S/H Jobo CPP2 and 3000 series tanks. It will give me the flexibility I'm looking for, as I will want to do my 5x4 trannies as well as the 10x8 stuff.

1-Dec-2006, 16:27
Hey, thanks Ole. I have just tried out my new Jobo 2830 paper drum to develop FP4+. Other than a bit of anti-halation dye remaining (that was removed in the wash), great results! I'll have to reduce my development time a bit. Thanks again.