View Full Version : Coverage of juniorII lens

26-Apr-2000, 17:36
I have had in my possetion a Kodak juniorII folding camera with a "Kodak London 105mm ANASTON f6.3 lens, and since moving up to LF I was wondering if I cound us e this lens remounted in to a copal/compur 00 shutter, but one thing does anyone know offhand if it will cover 5x4 (I may use a fair bit of movements from time to time, so say 5x7)? Also how is this lens for quality

sheldon ahmbrick
26-Apr-2000, 19:48
Dude, just the cost alone of having it remounted, makes it worth considering spending the money a more modern 100mm-ish lens designed for real LF work.

27-Apr-2000, 15:38
David, this lens is a piece of crap which doesn't even cover 6x9 very well.