View Full Version : What do I sell it for? What do I buy?

20-Nov-2006, 20:36

I'm semi-considering selling my Toyo 45A field camera (I'd put the $$ toward a new field camera . . . maybe)

I guess my first question is what might I ask for it?

I replaced the bellows this summer and the only thing really wrong with the camera is a scratch on the ground glass.
I guess I'd rate it an 8 out of 10.

My second question is what should I look at?

About me:
1) student (price is kind've important to me)
2) durability (I've been known to be rough on things)
3) weight. pref. less than toyo 45A

Should I just stay with the 45A?

Suggestions? Thoughts Etc?



Frank Petronio
20-Nov-2006, 20:57
What don't you like about the 45A? Dropping a couple of pounds off the camera is going to mean a flimsier camera in almost every case, unless you spend alot more on some super-duper Ebony contraption and even so... You could probably trade even for a used Tachihara, which is light, but a used Tachi can be sloppy. The wooden Wista will be abit more solid and a bit heavier...

I dunno, I think the 45A is pretty darn respectable camera that would be a good choice for anyone looking for a reasonable, durable field camera... But I come up with all kinds of rationalizations. Sell it all and just get a $150 beater Crown Graphic so you spend the difference on film and actual shooting (sacriledge!)

Don Hutton
20-Nov-2006, 21:10
It's worth betweem $600 and $900. $900 would be a fortunate Ebay sale; $600 a good deal for the buyer too... It's a great functional camera and I think for the amount of money you have tied up in it, you will be hard pressed to find a better "all round" alternative. As second hand field cameras go, I think that they are probably under priced - in other words, a better buy than a sell... You could perhaps buy a new Shen Hao - you'd get similar functionality with less rigidity and durability. If you want a great all round 4x5 field camera, you own one - go shooting and stop worrying about the other options.

Alan Davenport
20-Nov-2006, 22:26
Unless you're ready to spring for a $$$ camera like an Ebony, I doubt if you're going to gain much by sacrificing the Toyo.

OTOH, if you sell it for what Don says it's worth, you could buy a new Shen Hao or Tachihara; then you'd at least have a proper wooden field camera. (G)

20-Nov-2006, 23:45

I'd suggest staying with the 45A!

Concurring with what Alan said, "I doubt if you're going to gain much by sacrificing the Toyo." :)


Ron Marshall
21-Nov-2006, 06:24
What does the Toyo lack that you want from another camera?

Ted Harris
21-Nov-2006, 06:50
One of my main cameras is a Toyo AII. I made the choice because of its compact size making it easy to travel with; its bellows extension which lets me use a 300mm lens easily and a 360 with a short 'top hat' and the fact that I can also use a 75mm on a flat board; its rigidity and rapidity of setting up and operating, much less fiddly than some; its feelof precision; its big knobs which make it easy to use with mittens. Those enough reasons to keep it? There are only a few cameras that will offer you more movements or a onger bellows and they all cost a lot lot more. There is only one field camera that is significantly smaller (Horseman) and it has a shorter bellows and PITA rear movements. There are many that are lighter but all at the price of bellows extension and movements.

As noted above you could likely trade it close to evenfor a new Shen Hao but I'll bet once you had done so you would want your Toyo back.

Jim Rhoades
21-Nov-2006, 07:49
You could go to a Horseman and lose weight, extension and movements.
Go to a Toyo CF and lose weight, movements, durability and gain extension
Go to any number of woodies and have the same or better movements, extension, weight and lose durability.

As a student your young, suck up the extra two pounds and get tough. Your camera is a keeper.

I use a Horseman a lot because I'm an old geezer. Willing to give up the movements and extension to lose the weight.

Ted Harris
21-Nov-2006, 08:06
Jim, LOL! And I stopped using a Horseman beause this ol geezer's C5-C6 compression and subsequent numb finger made its tiy knobos too hard to use in cold weather.

Another note for the OP ... the Horseman, while a great option will cost you more used than you will get for your Toyo.

21-Nov-2006, 16:29
Hey Guys,


I'm gonna "suck it up."

I didn't realize that my camera was so bad@$$.