View Full Version : Swapping Graphex Optar Lens Cells

Iskra 2
20-Nov-2006, 17:59
Is it reasonable to swap Graphex Optar lenses (4.7/135) between Wollensak shutters. My newer lens/shutter assy has a bad front element, an older lens/shutter has a marginal shutter. Anybody know how tight the lens spacing tolerances were? Regards.

Vick Vickery
20-Nov-2006, 18:44
Should fit right in...I've never noticed shims, etc., on my Optar 135 f4.7!

Glenn Thoreson
20-Nov-2006, 18:54
If they are the same shutter, no problem. You can easily check the thickness of the shutters, at the mating surfaces, with a caliper. The thickness determines the spacing. Be careful about mixing the lens cells. Not a good idea. Keep them as original pairs.

Iskra 2
20-Nov-2006, 19:46
Thanks for the quick responses!!!:) The older lens seems to have a bit less coating than the newer lens which should give it some more "glow". :D Regards.