View Full Version : Unmounting the lens from old Poloroid 101A?

bill zelinski
25-Apr-2000, 12:22
I have a old Poloroid 101a with the 127 Rodenstock Ysuarx in a Prontor shutter b ut I just cannot figure out how to unmount it from the camera (without destroyin g the darn thing). Can someone clue me in? Once I can get it off I think I need to order a lensboard with a Copol 0 but again Im not sure. Thanks for any help.

26-Apr-2000, 08:04
If it's anything like the lens on the Kodak juniorII, then the lens is held on with a retaining ring like any other lens for LF, hope this helps.

Doug Paramore
26-Apr-2000, 09:37
Bill: I removed the lens from a 110 series Poloroid and it wasn't too big a job. Open the back with the bellows collapsed and see if there sn't a retaining ring to hold the lens on. You may have to remove a linkage or two. I believe if you remove the retaining ring you will be able to see what else needs to be disconnected. The 127 Ysarex is a darn good lens...nice and sharp and contrasty.

g.l. wurpen
26-Apr-2000, 18:11
I's probably none of my business, but I bet your camera is worth a lot more WITH the lens than without it. Even if you don't want to pay to have it converted to modern pack film use, a company like Four designs will buy it from you. I don't have their URL handy but have seen their site --- they buy 110A Polaroids, convert it to use modern pack film. These are very handy to check flash exposure, lighting ratios, etc.

A good 135mm Symmar for your view camera can be had for about $200.00 - This will cover 4x5 with movements - a 127mm Xenar or Optar (with smaller image circle) is much less. I recently bought a 127mm Xenar in Linhof shutter for a press camera. Mint shape with front cap, it cost a little over $100.00.